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Welcome to Hyperstore Samples

Hyperstore has moved to github

This project hosts samples related to Hyperstore a 'Model Oriented Database'.

What is Hyperstore ?

Hyperstore is a new, open source, 'Domain Oriented Database' concept.

A 'Domain Oriented Database' provides some features coming from modeling technologies like DSL Tools or EMF Core. Its implementation uses many concepts from DDD.

You will find more information, documentation, source code and installation instructions on its dedicated github] project.

What do i need ?

Hyperstore is available via Nuget package (use the Hyperstore keyword). An extension to edit textual domain language file is available on the visual studio gallery.


Library application

This sample shows a very basic library management application. This application shows you some Hyperstore features like :
  • Textual Domain Language to define a domain schema with validation rules.
  • Domain automatic binding without additional code.
  • In-memory store with transaction capabilities.
  • Undo/Redo facilities
  • Event notifications and remote propagations.

You can find more info about this sample here

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