Getting started with Hyperstore

This sample shows you how to define a new domain containing validation rules and how to use it in an WPF application.

The following topics will be shown:
  • How to create a domain definition with Hyperstore Textual Domain Language
  • How to define a "binding ready" domain
  • Validation constraints ( like with OCL in an UML diagram)
  • Undo/redo capabilities
  • How to implement a simple command with an interceptor
  • Multi-instances synchronization

Look at the video to see the application in action.

Hyperstore provides many other features like polyglot persistence, schema redefinition, domain validation rules and domain extension which are not seen in this walk through.

The application will manage a little library as defined in the following UML class diagram :

  • Note * : You must uncomment the call to InitializeCollaborativeMode in the Initialize method to enable the synchronization.

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